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Global Herbs Skratch Plus - 1kg
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Global Herbs Skratch Plus - 1kg

Global Herbs Skratch Plus - 1kg

This formula is our most popular Skratch product.

SkratchPlus is used primarily in spring and summer. The herbs have an even stronger action than their smell and work to maintain normal skin in even the most challenging conditions. Introduce slowly into the feed, preferably with a palatising agent such as apple juice or cordial or mint.

Product Summary:

• Our most popular Skratch product
• Medium strength for ongoing needs

Use any Skratch with: Itch & Bite Cream, SuperCalm, Flax Oil, Black Salt as required.


Introduce slowly and increase to 1 scoop twice daily per 500kg.

RRP £49.95

This formula is useful for itching, fly and horse fly worry. It can be used with the ‘Itch and Bite cream’ on sensitive areas and Citronella spray for cooling. Itch and bite cream is very effective and can be mixed with water so making it easier to spread evenly and thinly over a wider area


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