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 Rhinegold have been designing and manufacturing equestrian products for over 20 years. Rhinegold is a brand that prides itself on supplying excellent quality, affordable items for both the horse and ride whilst remaining affordable for everyday people. The products Hays Equestrian Country Leisure stocks include: coolers and waffle rugs, fleeces, lightweight and heavyweight turn out rugs, ride-on rugs; both fluorescent, waterproof and fleecey! Fly rugs and masks, brushing boots, support boots, riding boots, grooming essential and safety boots, and many, many more all at affordable prices...

Rhinegold Overcheck Box Weave Cooler

£ 20.99

Rhinegold Super Cooler

£ 20.99

Rhinegold Comfey Fleece

£ 21.99

Rhinegold Atlanta Turnout Rug - No Fill

£ 0.00

Rhinegold Torrent Lightweight Outdoor Rug

£ 35.00

Rhinegold 3/4 Length Waterproof

£ 22.50

Rhinegold Ride-On Fly Rug

£ 18.49

10% OFF

Rhinegold Fly Rug with Neck Cover

10% Off was £ 24.99

Now £ 22.49

Rhinegold Lycra Full Neck Cover

£ 18.99

Rhinegold Chest Expander/Adjuster

£ 7.50

Rhinegold Two Strap Brushing Boots

£ 19.49

Rhinegold Tec Steel Toe Safety Boots

£ 60.00

Rhinegold Silicone Plaiting Bands

£ 5.50