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Large choice of reins from the Windsor Equestrian range. All good quality leather and available in black and havanna. We have a choice of reins, suitable for all types of riding. Our range includes; rubber, plaited, continental, inside-grip (rubber) and laced reins, so there really is something for everyone! 

Grass Reins

£ 7.49

Windsor Equestrian Inside Grip Reins

£ 10.99

Windsor Equestrian Continental Reins

£ 6.49

Windsor Equestrian Rubber Covered Reins

£ 9.99

Windsor Equestrian Plaited Reins

£ 10.49

Windsor Equestrian Laced Reins

£ 11.50

Elasticated Side Reins

£ 10.00

Equus Rein Stops

£ 1.50